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Who We Are


We are a congregation affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) -

A denomination that sprang from a 19th century movement devoted to the unity of Christians and to the living out of our central confession that Jesus is the Christ.

We are a collection of individuals from many different Christian traditions – Disciple, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopalian, Congregationalist, and more – who are enriched by the differences in our traditions while honoring our oneness in Christ.

We are people who take seriously the call to hospitality, extending the welcome and love of Christ to all whom God would send to us.

We are a fellowship of learners who, with the help of God and one another, want to grow in experiencing, understanding and living our faith.

We are a church committed to “essentials” of spiritual vitality in our life together:

  • Genuine Worship
  • Authentic Fellowship
  • Consciousness of and Commitment to Mission
  • Shared Ministry
  • Spiritual Attentiveness

There are many ways to try to tell you who we are, but they are all just different ways of expressing our most basic statement of identity:

We are a community of companions on the journey of faith.

We believe in the transforming power of God’s love in Christ -

a love we seek to experience deeply and express fully

in our life with God,

our life with each other

and our life in the world.